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Lighting Systems

Discover the lighting systems from Flex-N-Gate

Combined with our high engineering skills (plastic, electronic, optic, manufacturing), our products fit with customization, safety, mobility and environment values.

Worldwide influence with specific requirements promotes Flex-N-Gate agility to innovate, develop and industrialize through integrated light signature, head lamps and signal lamps application.

With our premium technologies level, Flex-N-Gate is intended to support and accompany our customers in their journey towards excellence.

Head lamps

Head Lamps : A solid expertise in all our regions around the world, with a rethinking of design from high-end to popular entry-level, with a difference in style.

Signal lighting : Our recently unveiled Light Mantle technology is a unique achievement of advanced function integration. Pioneer in painting laser etching, we offer technologies for a perfect fusion of bumper and lighting, and a seamless finish.

Rear lamps

Full Flex-N-Gate development proposal with OEM Style department to serial validation, full supply chain and process integrated internally. Colors and materials are defined following customers specifications and to succeed into sustainability environment.


Auxiliary lamps

At Flex-N-Gate, it’s our goal to combine technology and function with style and class. Our Advanced Lighting Group is always on the forefront of new ways of achieving this goal, and integrate light signature and animation on all vehicle surfaces.


By inventing new ways of integrating the signal lighting into the bumper to create a unique premium light signature, we are always pushing technology forward to find the tailor-made solutions to the boldest ideas of our customer’s Design studio.


With our patented Light Mantle, FlexMAGIC and FlexPANEL technologies, light integration in body-color parts is Flex-N-Gate’s signature, to achieve seamless finishing and hidden-until-lit features.

Lit grille

Lit Integration as LightVeil, Lit front fascia grill, hood lit embellisher : New light product era with integrated light signature, it has become the strongest impacting element, involving advanced decoration technologies : Light is the new Chrome with Flex-N-Gate.


We provide different products:

  • Rear Combination Lamps (RCL)
  • Center high-mount stop lamps (CHMSL)
  • Daytime running lamps (DRL)
  • Forward lighting
  • Grill lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for LED lighting